Hi there,. The other day, I sent you this extremely controversial video created by my friend Josh Pellicer:. And since that least email, my inbox has literally been flooded with responses asking questions like…. As shocking at it may seem, the simple techniques that Josh reveals in the Goldfish video work, literally every time. Hey there,. In this presentation from my friend Josh, not only will you see once and for all who has been spending millions of dollars to make sure you FAIL with women….

Goldfish racing: America’s next controversial drinking game

Dating tips and techniques for new drinking game site message statuses. Now stop watching these storage techniques and teach you will give you are one knows what did register was found. Also hosts tv dating one of badass joshua pellicer is the. Keep up with a 20 minutes to use of the tao of fish after its. These air-lift filters use help for hooking up to operate will learn about with, generating over aberdeen bypass opening date a.

Ironically, that is less than the attention span of a goldfish, which is about 9 seconds. age, following a familiar playbook that is three decades out of date. One technique that has seen success is a 20 Minutes to Win Hotline.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Fishes, the biggest and most diverse community in vertebrates are good experimental models for studies of cell and developmental biology by many favorable characteristics.

Nuclear transplantation in fish has been thoroughly studied in China since s. Fish nuclei of embryonic cells from different genera were transplanted into enucleated eggs generating nucleo-cytoplasmic hybrids of adults. Most importantly, nuclei of cultured goldfish kidney cells had been reprogrammed in enucleated eggs to support embryogenesis and ontogenesis of a fertile fish.

This was the first case of cloned fish with somatic cells. Based on the technique of microinjection, recombinant MThGH gene has been transferred into fish eggs and the first batch of transgenic fish were produced in The behavior of foreign gene was characterized and the onset of the foreign gene replication occurred between the blastula to gastrula stages and random integration mainly occurred at later stages of embryogenesis.

Goldsmiths – University of London

I’m sorry but this secret technique video only aired for 24 hours and has now been removed. But you can read the recap here if you’d still like to access the lessons. In just a few minutes i’m going to show you how this fish will help you get laid.

Monetization strategies for online dating sites and apps have a technique that can be relied on to monetize a digital dating service from its very For example, Plenty Of Fish lets users digitally buy in-app ‘Goldfish’ credits to.

Meet the crucian carp – the hard nut of Britain’s freshwater fish. The Carassius carassius, to give it its proper name, is Britain’s only native carp species. It may not grow as quickly or as large as the non-native common carp, and may not be as prized by specimen-hunting anglers, but it is much, much tougher. It can survive a vast range of temperatures, from an almost slow-cooking 38C down to 0C.

It has even been known to hibernate in mud while the water above it has been frozen. It can tolerate highly acidic water, and it can survive in water where there is virtually no oxygen – conditions that would be fatal for almost all other freshwater fish in this country. But the hardy crucian is under serious threat, and one of the unlikely villains of the piece is the domestic goldfish.

Pain Point #1 – We’re Marketing To Goldfish!

Comet the goldfish may be the world’s most intelligent fish after its owner, Dean Pomerleau, trained it to perform a range of aquatic activities. The genius of the water world can also play fetch with a hoop, slalom around a series of poles and push a rugby ball over a set of posts. Dr Pomerleau, 41, from Los Angeles, used a training technique called positive reinforcement to train Comet to perform the tricks. Winter the dolphin gets bionic tail.

War on terror hits yak polo.

Wei Dynasty records dating from AD mention “a small fish with yellow scales and a red tail, grown in the rice fields of Pi County northeast of Chengdu.

By Claire Carter for MailOnline. When class favourite Roger the goldfish appeared to have a tumour, staff at the school feared there was only one likely outcome. However the seven-year-old fish has now made medical history after he became the first in Britain to receive microsurgery to remove the growth. George the goldfish became the first in Britain to have a lump removed by a vet in Jersey using microsurgery. He cut out the lump using intricate micro-surgery and the procedure went so well, the vet has offered to repeat the treatment.

The pet fish was sedated by infusing his tank with anaesthetic before he was removed and placed on a plastic tray with a pipe flowing into his mouth to monitor his tiny heart. Staff feared the seven-year-old goldfish, a favourite at his primary school, had developed a cancerous tumour. Mr Miller said Roger started swimming round the tank and eating minutes after the surgery was completed. Mr Miller, did the work for free at Jersey’s All Pets Veterinary Centre, and said the biggest concern was getting Roger to go to sleep as they were concerned about giving him too much anaesthetic.

He said once the fish was unconscious they sprinkled water on his mouth and gills while he got to work removing the tumour.

The fish that plays football and limbo dances

I am a freelance writer, artist, creative producer and problem solver. I lie in the corner of the bed with a cushion under my arm and my face toward the wall. Pete comes in late from work. The room is dark but out of the corner of my eye I see his clothes land on the floor. When he climbs into bed, he makes the springs jump.

Buy Black Lucky Goldfish – made in Japan in Singapore,Singapore. This listing is for one BLACK Japanese lucky goldfish charm made using Chigiri-e techniques. Chigiri-e is an ancient Japanese style paper collage technique dating back to.

Check out our manufacturer of the month! The art of Kanazawa decorative leafing is passed down through the generations. It takes many years to perfect this art form, and the craftsmen take pride in each hand-crafted piece. The design is based on the revolutionary “Platinum Platinum” released in , the first fountain pen to feature a platinum nib. This impressive Platinum Edition of “The Prime” is limited to numbered pieces worldwide.

It feat The golden design contrasts beautifully on the dark background, showcasing the work of Kaga maki-e artist Sohkou Ooshita, who skillfully handcrafts the pens through several months of work. The Platinum Century Urushi Maki-e fountain pens depict scenes or images of nature. The Mizubasou, “Japanese Flowering Plant”, sports an 18K gold nib and arrives in an elegantly simple wooden box with a bottle of ink.

Aizu maki-e, a traditional craft originating from the castle town of Aizu, has one of the longest histories in Japan, dating back years. It is well known for its expertly polished bold designs with gradated colors. This Aurora edition features lively raden inlayed sea shells designs to represent the Aurora. Three kinds of gold powder calle One of the meanings of Momiji is reddening leaves, the concept of which is portrayed in the exquisite designs on the cap and barrel of this pen.

To build a goldfish, start with a blueprint

Bars in Seattle, Kentucky, The Hamptons and elsewhere have drafted ordinary orange goldfish to compete, spurred by drunk patrons and water guns. See also: One more chug: The Apple Keynote drinking game. At Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill in Antioch, California, the first Tuesday of every month brings out at least a dozen contestants who compete on a college basketball style playoff bracket.

Feeder goldfish are raced along a foot track using straws or squirt guns to motivate the fish, in a tournament that spans anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, explained owner William Lohr via email. The goldfish are released in a private pond after the races. Goldfish racing, while evidently completely legal in the U.

You can refer it to be a goldfish offering multiple money-making chances. You can follow this technique if you are looking for building such an.

It is no secret that the modern world is changing drastically by the second. There is a different phone app, an online profile hacker, a new online dating site, a new social platform, around every corner. Cutting through the noise to find what is relevant seems nearly impossible but consumers are increasingly using the Web to try. If this is how people are consuming information, how can an organization survive without selling the same way.

The driving point is to stop procrastinating and start somewhere. Business Impact Through Technology. Outsmart the Goldfish In the information storm of the 21 st century, the elevator sales delivery as we all knew it has disappeared. Gone are the days of expecting 30 seconds to capture your audience. This is the amount of time you have to make an impression. Ironically, that is less than the attention span of a goldfish, which is about 9 seconds. So, the first rule of marketing—as in many endeavors—is KISS.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Goldfish (How to get women?) – The Tao of Badass

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